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"It's just a bunch of whiny songs. You like them or you don't"

Piggy is the latest miserable album from Grass Shadows. Exploring the dreads that weave the fabrics of his life, Johan Eriksson has crafted ten tunes to turn your bleak 2020 bleaker still.

The lyrisism of Piggy finds it roots in images from black and white movies from the 60ies. From the train ride in the beginning of October to the overly obvious running in the rain in Pathetic Fallacy. The sounds are arranged around the singers barytone surrounded by a plethora of guitars. It's actually all quite catchy and yet you have this distinct feeling that you've heard it all before. Only better.

But if you have been let down. If you have seen people around you act irrationally and selfishly. If those people are normally better than you. Well then you should be able to relate and make our PIGGY-songs fit into your understanding of the shambling steps that is every day life. This is from October:

"I think this might be cancer". You point at a spot.

There's no way of knowing if it's malignant or not.

But you find one of those every Friday, to keep me at home.

At least we're in the same house together. So kind of, not really, alone.


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