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Grass Shadows release Missing

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

On June 15, 2017 Grass Shadows release the 10-track album Missing on fbp-music.

The duo from Gothenburg, Sweden has recorded songs with catchy melodies, a sort of mix between low-fi and new wave and clear feel-bad narratives that are sure to remind you how feeling bad can feel pretty good.

The songs on Missing are shorter and tighter than previous work from the band with distinct melodies and themes covering Russian roulette, the suicide of Virginia Wolf and what might happen if you don’t give up listening to Morrissey in time.

Grass Shadows are Johan Eriksson and Oskar Bråne. The Matt Berninger sounding guy is Johan and the guy who plays most of the instruments is Oskar.

The first single "Madeleine" is about a broken relationship and the sensation of being clung to and it can be found on Spotify, Itunes, etc.


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